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Alexa-KNX Overview

Alexa-KNX is a software that connects Alexa™/Amazon Echo™ devices with the Gira HomeServer™, without a need for addtional hardware.
The setup consists of two components: a GIRA HomeServer logic module (Alexa-KNX-LBS) and a matching Alexa skill: (KNX HomeServer Smart and/or KNX HomeServer Custom). This allows to voice-control KNX devices using natural language. There is no port-forwarding required in your internet router to run Alexa-KNX.
Please note that advanced skills are required for this software to be integrated with your building management system and hence is primarily targeted at KNX system integrators and KNX business partners.

Two Alexa Skills to Best Suit Your Needs

The standard Smart Home Skill API of Alexa supports a somewhat limited scope of commands and queries that can be used to interact with KNX devices (technically speaking, KNX objects). For example, this skill does not support commands like "Close the blinds", "Is the window in the conservatory open?" or "Give me the staus report for the house".
The Custom Skill seeks to close these gaps by extending the Smart Home Skill with such missing phrases and commands. In contrast to the Smart Home Skill users will need to use the invocation name "My Home" after the chosen activation phrase (usually "Alexa"). Both skills can be used in parallel but please note that all commands that are not supported by the standard Smart Home Skill must be used through the Custom Skill with the invocation name "My Home".

Smart Home Skill (KNX HomeServer Smart) Skill Description

All commands, phrasing and responses are pre-defined by Amamzon (Amazon Interaction Model).

Based on Amazon's Smart Home Skill API V3 the following command types are supported by the KNX HomeServer Smart skill:
(The commands below are examples for the shown command types.)
Example voice commands for the Smart Home Skill:
Alexa, switch off the light in the office.
Alexa, dim the light in the office to 70 percent.

Custom Skill (KNX HomeServer Custom) Skill Description

Commands, phrases and responses are controlled by the Custom Skill. The Custom Skill attempts to analyse each command and to provide a grammatically correct response.
To use the Custom Skill it is necessary to use the invocation name "My Home" after the activation phrase "Alexa" (or any other you may have configured in the Alexa app). Please note the additional information in Configuration - Custom Skill Lists.

The Custom Skill supports the following additional command types (in addition to those of the Smart Home Skill listed above):
(The commands below are examples for the shown command types.) Example voice commands for the Custom Skill:
Alexa, ask My Home what is the status report for the house?
Alexa, tell My Home to lower the blinds.
Alexa, tell My Home that this Echo is located in the office.
Alexa, ask My Home which rooms are defined?
Alexa, ask My Home which devices are defined in the office?

Additional features:

System Requirements

Alexa-KNX Pricing

The license cost for Alexa-KNX (the personalised, licensed logic modul required to connect to the skills) is: The licenses are not time-limited and the warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase.
If Alexa-KNX should cease to be functional within the 12-month warranty period you are entitled to a proportional refund (license cost divided by 12 for each unused month).

The cost for the 14-day test license will be refunded against the purchase of a permanent license.

Process to Purchase an Alexa-KNX License

To create your Alexa-KNX user account and generate the personalised logic module for you the following information is required:
  1. The e-mail address you use to log into the Alexa app/Alexa website
  2. The identification number of your Home or Facility Server (this is HomeServer's MAC-address/serial number) and the firmware version (both can be found in the System section if you connect directly to the Debug-List of your HomeServer's web interface)
  3. Your Amazon user ID used by the Alexa-KNX skill
For us to be able to receive your Amazon user ID used by the Alexa-KNX skill you need to please follow these simple steps: Activate one of the two Alexa-KNX skills and attempt to link your Amazon account to it.
Example: To do this for the SmartHome skill go to the Alexa-App and activate the skill found under „Skills->Catogories->Smart Home->KNX HomeServer Smart“ and Link Accounts afterwards.
It does not matter which skill you use but please note that the linkage will fail at this point in time if you attempt to link the Smart Home Skill, but no reason to be concerned, this will be taken care of a little later. In case you have used the Custom Skill ("My Home") for the activation please also speak the following command to your Echo device: "Alexa, ask My Home what is my user id?"

If you used the Smart Home Skill above: The successful linkage of the skill to your Amazon account will only be possible after we have created your Alexa-KNX account. Please remember to return to the Alexa app/website later to link the skill. It will only work once the linkage has been concluded successfully.

As the final step from your side please send the information from 1. and 2. above (email address, HomeServer identification/serial and firmware version) to info@alexa-knx.de.

The software license will be delivered by email and consists of your personalised logic module and a set of required files. Usually, we will send these fairly quickly once we have received the required information, in most cases within one hour. In rare cases this may require a little more time but we aim to have it sent to you within a few hours.

Payment can be made via PayPal or by (international) bank transfer. Account details for payment will be provided by email. Note that bank transfers need to be made free of all charges for the recipient.

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By purchasing and using the Alexa-KNX software you agree to the Privacy Policy and accept the License Terms.