1. Log-Viewer

The Alexa-KNX logic module keeps a log of the events that have occurred. Depending on the information level (log level), more or fewer events with more or less detailed information are logged. With the log viewer you have the possibility to view and delete these events as well as to set the log level. After a restart of the HomeServer, the log level is reset to the value defined on the logic module input E6.
Loglevelto display/set which events are logged at which information level:
  • 0 (Off) no events are logged
    (exceptions to this are messages of the level SYS=system and SECUR=security, which are always logged)
  • 1 (Error) only error messages (ERR) are logged
  • 2 (Warn) es werden zusätzlich zu den Fehlermeldungen auch Warnmeldungen (WARN) protokolliert
  • 3 (Info) in addition to the error messages, warning messages (WARN) are also logged.
    All Alexa voice commands received by the device are logged from this loglevel.
  • 4 (Debug) Debug outputs (DEBUG) are logged in addition to the aforementioned levels
  • 5 (Trace) in addition, even more detailed debug output (TRACE) will be logged for the above mentioned steps
Clear Logdeletes all log entries (the log is reset to the Alexa-KNX version and the Amazon customer ID)
Follow Tailthe log window always scrolls automatically to the last log entry.
Auto reload is on/offindicates whether new log entries are automatically reloaded.
If a connection to the HomeServer can not be established (for example, when restarting the HomeServer), "Auto reload" automatically switches to "off".
Stop/StartStops/Starts the "Auto reload" feature

Each time you open the log viewer, the option "Follow Tail" is always switched off and the option "Auto reload" is always switched on..