Data Privacy Policy

The general use of this website is possible without you providing or us capturing personal data. Any personal data that may be requested on our web pages (like your name, address or email address) is requested and captured for the purpose given (for example, the purchasing process or the licensing and operation of Alexa-KNX skills) only. Your data will not be passed on to third parties without your express consent.
Data transmission over the internet may not be secure (including when using email). Be aware that it cannot be guaranteed that your data is not accessed by third parties when you do so.
Any data provided on this site (including the contact data in the About Us section) may not be used to contact us for purposes beyond the use of the website or the Alexa-KNX licenses. Specifically, we do not consent to be sent advertising or any other information unless it has been expressly requested by us. In case of any such advertising, information, spam mail, etc., being sent to us without our consent we reserve the right to take legal action.

Data Privacy Policy for the Use of the Alexa-KNX Skills

Alexa-KNX will treat your data confidentially at all times and comply fully with the laws and regulations set out by the GDPR. We aim to be completely clear and transparent about your data, how it is collected, used and protected.

Information We Collect

We only collect daten when and where it is required to fulfil our contract of service with you and to satisfy our legal obligations. This information includes:

Data Collection and Usage

Your data is collected when you visit our website and enter details into fields on the website.

Legal Basis for Processing Your Data

This section describes on what legal grounds we process your data as a Controller of that data.
Contract – When you enter your personal details into our website forms or fields, you are asking us to perform a specific service. To fulfil that service (for example to answer a question, license Alexa-KNX or take your payment) we need to process your data, and in this instance our legal basis is contractual.
Legitimate interests – We perform certain tasks to improve our services to you and to keep our website and business active and running effectively, allowing you to use our services. To perform these tasks, it is necessary to process some of your personal data. Examples include: mailing you product information or to offer additional support, feedback requests by email (market research).
For these instances we have carried out an assessment to establish the balance of our legitimate interests and yours (LIA) and to ensure your rights and freedoms are respected. As such, in these instances consent is not required but we still give you the opportunity to opt out of these activities by contacting us by phone or email (see About Us section).
Consent – We do not send you marketing and promotional emails we would need your explicit consent for.

Who We Share Data With

Your data will not be shared with third parties unless required during the payment process, to operate Alexa-KNX or if required by law.
We do not sell or share your data with any other third party for marketing purposes.
We use third party systems for specific activities such as the ones described in the "Data Collection and Usage" section. Only the necessary information is passed to these systems.
All data used by third party systems or shared in the way described above are processors of that data on our behalf and abide by the same regulations and privacy laws set out by GDPR legislation.

Protecting Your Data

Your data is stored in secure systems. Please ensure that you always use an https connection when interacting with our website.

Your Rights under the GDPR

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, you can do so by contacting us by phone or email (see About Us section).We have a period of 30 days to process any request, please note we may need to verify your full identity before processing any request.

Data Transfer (Outside the EU)

Some of the third-party service providers we use (like PayPal or Amazon) may have data storage located outside of the EU, meaning that some personal data may be held there. We have taken the necessary steps to meet GDPR guidelines and to ensure that these systems also comply with the data protection laws set out by GDPR.

Data Retention Period

Data is stored in our systems (or systems that we use) for as long as we are required to keep them by law. After this time, data will be deleted from our system in accordance with the GDPR.
If you have previously given us consent and you decide to remove this consent, we will keep the minimum required information needed to add you to a suppression list.


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You can contact us by phone or email (see About Us section).