General Terms and Conditions (including License Terms and Conditions)Version 10 Oct 2017

By using the "Alexa-KNX Connection" or any of the corresponding logic modules or Alexa skills you accept the following Terms and Conditions.

Subject of these Terms and Conditions: use of the Alexa skill "KNX HomeServer Smart" and/or "KNX HomeServer Custom" (together the "Skills"), the corresponding Gira HomeServer Alexa-KNX logic module, any of the supporting Gira HomeServer logic sub-modules (together with the Skills the "Alexa-KNX Connection") in connection with the Alexa Voice Services as provided by Amazon ("Amazon Alexa") in order to provide a voice controlled interface to Gira HomeServers.

The operator of the Alexa-KNX skills (the "Operator") is not responsible for any of the technical properties of Amazon Alexa, any Alexa-compatible devices or the processing of voice commands on these as the Operator has not developed the software Amazon Alexa uses and therefore has no influence on it. The Operator does not accept any liability for Amazon Alexa, including but not limited to any misunderstanding of voice commands, incorrect interpretation of voice commands or wrong or inappropriate responses. Specifically, the Operator does not accept any liability for consequential damage of any kind, including but not limited to those that result from technical or other issues of Amazon Alexa where voice commands are not interpreted as intended and are send to the Gira HomeServer via one of the Skills and may result in unintended actions being triggered.

The Alexa-KNX Connection must not be used to control or monitor any objects, devices or actors that could result in injury of people or damage to property. The Operator does not accept any liability if the Alexa-KNX Connection is used for such purposes.

License Conditions and Right to Use

The Operator grants the original purchaser of a license (the "Licensee") a perpetual, non-exclusive license to operate the Alexa-KNX Connection on one Gira HomeServer for purposes that are allowed under these Terms and Conditions. The license must not be sold, transferred or sub-licensed without the written consent of the Operator. The Alexa-KNX Connection is protected by copyright laws. The Licensee may only use the Alexa-KNX Connection for own use and for purposes allowed by these Terms and Conditions. DUPLICATION, ALSO NOT IN LINE WITH INTEGRATOR USE!!

Limitation of Liability

The liability of the Operator solely follows these Terms and Conditions, regardless of the nature of the claim being made. Specifically, the Operator does not accept any liability for (this is not an exhaustive list) In any case, the maximum liability of the Operator is the license fee paid by the Licensee. These limitations apply to the Operator as well as his employees, representatives and sub-contractors.

Provision of Services

The provision of the Alexa-KNX Connection (the "Alexa-KNX Service"/"Service") does not include any guarantee of performance or availability. The Operator has the right alter, temporarily suspend or fully terminate the Service. If a Licensee violates any of these Terms and Conditions the Operator is authorised to suspend or delete the Licensee's account and license so that a further use of the Service will not be possible. The Operator may change the scope of the Service provided, be it to add new functionality or to change or discontinue existing functionality.
To use the Alexa-KNX logic module (and with that the Service) the Gira HomeServer must run a firmware version between 4.2 and 4.9. While the Operator will endeavour to keep the logic modules and the Service compatible with future firmware versions this cannot be guaranteed. The maximum remedy for the Licensee of the Service not working in accordance with these Terms and Conditions is limited to a time-proportional refund of the license fees during the first year from purchase of the license (so a twelveth of the license fee for each non-performance month during the first year).

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time. The Operator will inform the Licensee of planned changes at least two weeks before their effective date using the email address provided for the license (or as modified thereafter). If the Licensee does not contradict the changes by the effective date they will be deemed accepted. Should the Licensee chose not to accept the modfied Terms and Conditions it will not be possible to continue to use the Service and the Licensee's user account will be deactivated as of the date of the changes becoming effective.
Changes to the Terms and Conditions that are being required by law will become effective immediately.


Should any of these Terms and Conditions be invalid all other terms or conditions will remain valid.